Today’s photo 2024/07/06

今日の写真 2024/07/06

夢宙屋さんのランプ展 in 三休の湯



明日2024年7月7日まで、三休の湯 “9周年” の周年祭で、色んな催しが行われています。



– 撮影日:2024年07月


Today’s photo 2024/07/06

Muchuya’s lamp exhibition in Sankyu no Yu

At Sankyu no Yu, where I am exhibiting my paintings.
A lamp exhibition was held by Muchuya, who makes handmade lamps from wood and washi paper.

The interior of the store was decorated with unique lamps, and was filled with soft light.

Various events are being held until tomorrow, July 7, 2024, as part of Sankyu-no-Yu’s “9th Anniversary” anniversary festival.

– Shooting date: July 2024

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