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Chapter Three.


We create original designs, illustrations, and handmade products based on themes such as nature and stories.
We strive to create our own unique and special designs that only we can create based on the experiences and sensations we feel in our bodies and hearts, and we look forward to working with you.


Design + illustration + art


I create original designs, illustrations, and sometimes artwork on the theme of nature and storytelling.
The original designs we create at ELEPATI are created by hand, and we value the process of drawing by hand, whether analog or digital, so that we can deliver works with heart and soul.

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Photo+Video Diary

- 写真+映像日記 -


I take photos and videos of moments I find in my daily life, such as the beauty of nature and the gentle changes of the seasons, that I find “nice. I will post some of the scenes I have taken in the past on a daily basis, so please take a peek*

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Photo Diary

- 写真日記 -


I take pictures of scenes that stimulate my mind that I find in my daily life. Please take a peek at my recent photos, as well as photos taken in the past, which I update and post on this site.

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FOREST・森をテーマにしたオリジナルデザインのテキスタイル designed by ELEPATI

Repeat design

Textile Design Request



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